KickBack™ for T-Mobile ONE

KickBack™ pays you back for data you don’t use. If your total monthly data usage on any line (on device and tethering) is 2 GB or less and you pay on time, we'll credit you up to $10 per line on your next bill.



How KickBack works

KickBack is available if you're on a standard T-Mobile ONE voice or tablet plan. To be eligible, you need to opt-in to KickBack before the end of the bill cycle (you only need to opt-in once). Make sure to do so for each line you want to have KickBack on. There's no fee to sign up.


If you use 2 GB of data or less in a billing cycle (including Simple Global and Mexico/Canada), you can receive up to a $10 bill credit. Just make sure to pay your bill on time; overdue payments or payment arrangements will remove your eligibility for KickBack. And don't worry, we'll let you know when you're nearing the 2 GB mark, so you can keep an eye on your KickBack eligibility.



Who's eligible

KickBack is available if you're a new or existing customer with an eligible postpaid, T-Mobile for Business, or No Credit Check account and you meet all of the following requirements:

  • Have or add on any standard T-Mobile ONE voice plan (Tax Inclusive or Tax Exclusive), including T-Mobile ONE tablet options.
    Exception: T-Mobile ONE Tax Exclusive 9 lines for $310, 13 lines for $325, T-Mobile ONE Voice & Tablet Postpaid Tax Exclusive for 100+ line accounts, and T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ plans are not eligible for KickBack.
  • Use 2 GB of data or less in the billing cycle.
  • Opt-in to KickBack on the T-Mobile app or on My T-Mobile.
  • Pay your bill on time (on or before the due date).


What's not included

  • T-Mobile ONE Wearable lines
  • Non T-Mobile ONE Mobile Internet (MI) lines
  • LineLink devices
  • Not available for free lines (for example: 4th line free promotions)



Opt-in to KickBack


From your mobile device with the T-Mobile app:

  1. Open the app. If you don't have the T-Mobile app, download it now.
  2. From the home screen, select Profile Settings.
  3. Select Line Settings.
  4. Select the toggle next to KickBack to turn it from OFF to ON.
  5. Select Continue.


From your computer:

  1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
  2. Select PROFILE.
  3. Select Line Settings.
  4. Select the toggle next to KickBack to turn it from OFF to ON.
  5. Click Continue.


Note: If you're not able to opt in to KickBack using either the T-Mobile app or My T-Mobile, dial 611 from your T-Mobile device and one of our customer service reps will be happy to help.




What happens if I use more than 2 GB of data, or if 2 GB of data is my plan limit before experiencing data speed reduction?

If you use more than 2 GB of data on your opted-in line in a billing cycle, you simply don't receive the KickBack credit for that cycle. You'll remain enrolled and be eligible again the following month. If your data plan is limited to 2 GB of high-speed access and you exceed this limit, you'll see reduced speeds until you either upgrade your plan or the next bill cycle starts. Either way, you stay enrolled in KickBack.


Does music, video, or international data count towards my KickBack data use?

Yes, it counts. Since T-Mobile ONE is an unlimited plan, everything including music and video streaming is unlimited. Video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at DVD quality (480p).


Can I get my KickBack on top of other promos that I already have?

KickBack is combinable with most promotions, but may not be eligible to combine with future promotions.