Promotional credits

T-Mobile offers two types of promotional credits to provide discounts to customers on their bill: promotional credits for lines / service and promotional EIP (Equipment Installment Plan) credits. Read on to learn how promotional credits work.



What are promotional credits

  • T-Mobile offers qualified customers discount device promotions and discounted line / service promotions using promotional credits.
  • Promotional credits are applied directly to your account after you qualify for a promotion.
  • T-Mobile also offers discount device promotions and discounted line / service promotions using rebates. For more info, check out Submit a rebate and Carrier Freedom™.



How promotional credits for lines / service work

  • To receive promotional credits for discounted line / service promotions, you must meet all requirements of the promotion you are participating in.
  • Some promotional credits will apply to your account automatically once you meet the promotion requirements.
  • Other promotional credits require you to enroll on
  • You can have more than one promotional credit at a time per line as long as the promotions are allowed to be combined.
  • The credits may take up to two full bill cycles to start after you qualify for the promotion.
  • On the bill, you will see a promotional description for your credit.



How promotional EIP credits work

  • To receive promotional EIP credits, you must purchase your device on EIP and pay any down payment, taxes, or fees required at the time of purchase.
  • You may have one EIP credit per line at a time. If you want to take advantage of a new EIP promotional credit and keep your current credit, you must pay off the existing EIP first. If you have a multi-line account, you may have one EIP credit for each line.
  • It can take up to two complete bill cycles for your EIP credits to appear on your bill. If you don't see EIP credits on the first bill, you will receive two credits on your next bill.
  • If the EIP credit is greater than your EIP payment, you will see two EIP credits; one credit for the same amount of as your EIP charge and a second for the balance of the remaining promotional credit.
  • EIP credits can't be sped up to pay off your device faster.
  • You must maintain service with T-Mobile to receive the monthly credits. If you cancel your account, all remaining EIP balances on the account become due immediately, and you will lose any remaining promotional EIP credits.



EIP credit notifications

After you've met the eligibility requirements and accepted an EIP credit promotion, you will receive a text notification that you qualify and have been enrolled in the promotion. For promotions that require a port-in or trade-in, or are future dated, we send notification after you've met the eligibility requirements.


We will also notify you if you make changes to your account that make you ineligible for a promotion. If you receive notification that you've become ineligible for an EIP credit promotion, contact us.


Note: Our T-Mobile for Business and government customers don't receive text notifications about EIP credit promotions.



Get details on your EIP credit

You can find the details on your EIP credit on the T-Mobile offer details page by looking for the Promo code for your offer.


You'll receive your Promo code in the promotion enrollment notification. It also appears on your T-Mobile bill.


Losing promotional credits

We want you to take full advantage of our promotional credit. So, please keep in mind the following, which will disqualify you from continuing to receive promotional credits:

  • Exchanging or returning a device outside of the offer window, where the qualifying EIP is closed
  • Canceling or changing the plan or service that is required for a credit promotion
  • Not signing your E-signature or completing the EIP during the promotional period
  • Performing a JUMP! upgrade to a new device from a device with a credits
  • Returning one phone purchased as a BOGO (buy one, get one) offer (BOGO promotions require that you keep both phones and qualifying service)
  • Not following the terms of the promotion (for example, you must purchase and activate the device on the same day)