Getting started with DIGITS

Use this document to learn more about DIGITS. Every number at T-Mobile is now a DIGITS number and this lets you use those numbers on virtually any Internet connected devices.



DIGITS and 9-1-1 Emergency Services

In limited circumstances, 9-1-1 Emergency Service may not operate as expected with DIGITS. Whenever possible, you should call or text 911 using your regular T-Mobile phone and primary T-Mobile phone number. Always give the 911 operator your location and the number at which you can be called back and be aware that a callback could be answered by anyone you’re sharing your DIGITS number with. Consult the DIGITS Terms of Use for more information.


Which DIGITS are right for me?


I just need to access my existing phone number if I don't have my device

Do we have some great news for you! Most T-Mobile plans have DIGITS app and website access already included at no extra charge. You'll just need to follow the steps below to get started with DIGITS and you should be good to go.


I want to have more than one phone number on the same device

Need another line as a work number or a home phone number? T-Mobile has you covered with DIGITS Talk & Text. You can get another line for you device that's only accessible through DIGITS, it doesn't even have a SIM card! You can even share the number with up to five lines! Not available for Pay In Advance. You'll need to contact us to get a DIGITS Talk & Text rate plan.


Don't have T-Mobile? Don't even worry about it! We have a special version of DIGITS Talk & Text just for you. It uses your existing phone's data plan to send your calls and text over the internet to the DIGITS app. You'll need to contact us to get a Non T-Mobile DIGITS Talk & Text rate plan.


I want more than one device to have the same phone number

Want your family to share the same phone number? Have a wearable that can make calls and text, but you don't like it having a different number? Data with paired DIGITS is the plan for you! There's a low speed data plan for wearables and a high speed plan if you want multiple smartphones. We even have one designed specifically for the Apple Watch series 3. Not available for Pay In Advance. You'll need to contact us to get a Data with paired DIGITS rate plan.


How do I get started with DIGITS?

There's a couple things you'll need to do before you can get started using DIGITS.


  • You'll want to get yourself a T-Mobile ID to make managing DIGITS easier.
  • For DIGITS Talk & Text, you must add yourself as a user through the MyDIGITS portal.
    If other people want to use the line, you must add their T-Mobile ID too (not available for Pay In Advance).
  • For Data with paired DIGITS, you must pair it to the primary line in the myDIGITS portal so the device knows which number it's a copy of.
  • If you don't already have T-Mobile and are getting Non T-Mobile DIGITS Talk & Text, you'll need to link your T-Mobile ID to the number in the myDIGITS portal.
  • To access your DIGITS, download and install the T-Mobile DIGITS app or visit on the web.
  • If your device has DIGITS built-in, you'll need to unlock the settings.


Where can I give feedback or suggestions?


  • DIGITS on T-Mobile Support is the best place to provide suggestions and feedback to T-Mobile.
  • If available, you can use the app store email/feedback link to share your thoughts.
  • Of course you can always contact us by phone or through chat for support. 


How do I get more information?