'Error' when attempting to turn on Wi-Fi: Android

    Troubleshoot errors when attempting to turn on Wi-Fi on an Android device.



    1. Make sure the software version is up to date on your device.
    2. Turn the phone off, and turn it back on. If possible, remove the battery from your device and ten re-insert it.
    3. Wipe the cache partition. Find steps in your device how tos > Settings > Wipe cache partition.
    4. Check the battery level. If it is below 50%, plug the device into the wall charger.
    5. Turn on airplane mode for one minute, then turn airplane mode off.
    6. Attempt to turn on Wi-Fi, and if W-Fi still cannot turn on, perform a master reset. See your device how tos > Master reset.
    7. If you still have 'Error' appearing when turning on Wi-Fi after following all steps above, then contact us.