Photos & gallery: Samsung Gear S3 frontier

Use these steps to support photo and gallery functions on the Samsung Gear S3 frontier.




Add photos from phone

  1. From the Apps screen, tap Gallery.
  2. Tap the plus sign to add photos from the phone. A 'check your phone' message displays.
  3. On the smartphone, tap Select photos.
  4. Tap to select the desired photos.
  5. Tap Done. A 'Sending files to gear' message displays and goes away once the photos have been sent to the Gear.


Delete photos

  1. From the Apps screen, tap Gallery.
  2. Touch and hold the desired photo(s).
  3. Tap the drop-down at the top and Select all to select all.
  4. Tap DELETE.
  5. Tap the ✔ check mark to confirm.


Auto sync photos

You can sync photos from selected albums with the Gear automatically while its battery power is at least 15% and it is charging.


  1. On the connected smartphone, tap Apps > Samsung Gear.
  2. Tap SETTINGS.
  3. Tap Send content to Gear.
  4. Under 'Photo,' tap the Auto sync switch to turn on.
  5. Tap OK to confirm.
  6. Tap Albums to sync to add albums to the sync list, then tap DONE.