Copy files (Mac OS X): Windows Phone 7

    Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac is the tool you need to sync your favorite music, photos and videos, movies and TV shows, and podcasts with your Mac and your Windows Phone. You can also copy files from your phone to your Mac, and update your Windows Phone software and restore your phone to a backup.


    Windows Phone 7 Connector is available in the Mac App Store.


    To copy files from your phone to your Mac:



    You can select individual files on your phone to copy (import) to your Mac. For example, if you took a picture or a video on your phone, you can import it directly into iPhoto or Aperture on your Mac.


      1. Connect your Windows Phone to your Mac using the USB cable that came with your phone.


        Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac should open automatically. If it does not, in the Applications folder, click Windows Phone 7 Connector.


    1. In the left pane, click Browse Device, then select the files you want to copy. (You can hold Shift or Command to select multiple files.)
    2. Click Import Selected Items to copy the files to the corresponding library on your Mac.
    3. Drag and drop the files to your Desktop or to a specific folder.


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