Use DIGITS on your computer

Use your DIGITS to make calls and send texts via the web! Or you can Use DIGITS on your phone or tablet.



DIGITS and 911 Emergency Services

In limited circumstances, 911 Emergency Service may not operate as expected with DIGITS.


  1. Call or text 911 using your regular T-Mobile phone and primary T-Mobile phone number whenever possible.
  2. Always give the 911 operator your location and the number at which you can be called back and be aware that a callback could be answered by anyone you’re sharing your DIGITS line with.
  3. Consult the DIGITS Terms of Use for more information. In addition, Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) messages issued by public agencies may not be delivered to DIGITS on a Wi-Fi connected device.




  • Chromium-based browser, including the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.
  • We recommend downloading the desktop Web DIGITS app from if you use DIGITS regularly from your computer.
  • Microphone and speakers are required for calls.
  • The desktop DIGITS app is a lightweight application that uses the same web DIGITS experience in a standalone window and remains active regardless of your browser state, and automatically reconnects when you turn on your computer.



Access DIGITS via the web

To get started with the DIGITS on your computer:


  1. Visit the DIGITS website at
  2. If it's your first time, click Accept to agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Log in with your T-Mobile ID. If you don't have a T-Mobile ID, learn how to register one.
  4. Select the numbers that you want to use.
  5. Confirm that we have the correct e911 address.
  6. If prompted, allow DIGITS access to your location.



Use and customize DIGITS


Turn DIGITS on of off

  1. Click the Settings gear on the top-left of the webpage.
  2. Click the desired DIGITS.
  3. Click the switch next to Enable this line to turn on or off.


Customize DIGITS

  1. Click the Settings gear on the top-left of the webpage.
  2. Click the desired DIGITS.
  3. Choose the desired line color. For additional settings, use the DIGITS app.


Make a call

  1. Hover over the action menu and click NEW CALL on the bottom-right of the webpage.
  2. Enter the contact name in the To: field. You can also click the number buttons to manually dial the number.
  3. Choose the DIGITS you want to make the call with in the From: field.
  4. Click the green Call button.


Send a message

  1. Hover over the action menu and click NEW MESSAGE on the bottom-right of the webpage.
  2. Enter the numbers or contacts you are sending the message to in the Add recipients field.
  3. Choose the DIGITS you want to send the message from in the From: field.
  4. Enter you message then click the Send icon (paper airplane) in the Type a message field.


Manage DIGITS via the web

Use the myDIGITS website to manage the people and devices that can use your DIGITS lines.


  • DIGITS I Can Use: Lists the DIGITS available for use with your T-Mobile ID. This section also lists DIGITS associated with other T-Mobile IDs that you've been given permission to use.
  • Other DIGITS I Can Manage:
    • Lists the DIGITS that you can manage with your T-Mobile ID, but don't currently have permission to use.
    • DIGITS listed in this section aren't available to you when you sign in to the DIGITS app.
    • The Primary Account Holder can manage, assign, or remove users and devices for DIGITS listed in this section. If you're a business account owner, contact T-Mobile For Business Support to set up your Primary Account Holder permissions before using to manage your DIGITS.


Manage users or devices

To manage users and devices assigned to a set of DIGITS, select that set of DIGITS from either the DIGITS I Can Use or Other DIGITS I Can Manage section.


  • Add a user: Click Add Myself or Add User.
  • Remove a user: Click Remove next to that user's name.
  • Remove a device: Click Remove next to the that device's name or number. You must be the owner of the DIGITS line to remove any devices that are using that line. When you remove a device, that device no longer has access to your DIGITS.



Corporate firewall

To use T-Mobile DIGITS on devices within a corporate network, your IT department may need to configure security policies or devices to permit DIGITS traffic. These settings are meant for IT professionals with specific knowledge of their corporate firewall, and familiarity with making changes to the firewall configuration. If you are not an IT professional, please pass this info along to your IT folks.


  1. Verify that all outbound proxy servers permit *

  2. Ensure that the firewall permits the following network addresses and ports outbound to T-Mobile:

    • Destination networks
    • TCP ports
      • 80
      • 443
      • 3030
      • 3478
      • 8080-8085
    • UDP ports
      • 500
      • high ports > 1024


If your firewall is configured as described above and your corporate network uses simple Network Address Translation, but you're still unable to use DIGITS devices behind the firewall, determine which network solution (SNAT, STUN, ICE, VoIP, or others) is appropriate for permitting UDP voice traffic (WebRTC/SIP) between the DIGITS device and T-Mobile in both directions. Stateful Network Address Translation devices aren't affected.