SIM card: LG Optimus F6

Learn how to insert/remove the SIM card, manage SIM messages, and view free SIM space on the LG Optimus F6.




Insert/remove SIM

This device supports a Micro size SIM card.

  1. Power the phone off.
  2. Hold the phone on your hand firmly. With the other hand, lift the back cover using the fingertip cutout located on the bottom of the cover and pull it up to remove it.
    SIM 1.jpg
  3. Slide the Micro SIM card into the Micro SIM card slot. Make sure the gold contact area on the card is facing downwards and the notched side is inserted first.
    SIM 2.jpg
  4. Insert the battery into place by aligning the gold contacts on the phone and the battery and press the battery down until it clicks into place.
    SIM 3.jpg
  5. Align the back cover over the battery compartment and press it down until it clicks into place.
    SIM 4.jpg


Delete SIM messages

  1. From any Home screen, tap Messaging.
  2. Tap Menu > SIM box > Delete.
  3. Choose one of the following options:
    • Tap Select all to select all SIM card messages
    • Select individual messages
  4. Tap Delete.
  5. Tap Yes.