BlackBerry ID

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What is it?

BlackBerry ID (BBID) is a single, master key to BlackBerry products, sites, services and applications, including BlackBerry Protect, the BlackBerry App World storefront, BlackBerry Internet Service email accounts, and many others. All BlackBerry devices with handheld software 7.0 and higher will have all email sources associated with your BBID.


You will need a BBID to set up a BlackBerry Internet Service email account and to download apps from BlackBerry App World. Keep in mind, BBID only works with the BlackBerry App World storefront, BlackBerry Protect, and BlackBerry News Feeds.



What benefits do I get?

Your BBID is unique to you and helps you access your BlackBerry apps and services—independent of carrier or smartphone.


  • Easily restore your apps to one or more BlackBerry smartphones.
  • Log in to BlackBerry products and switch smartphones—automatically moves your email accounts.
  • Remotely log in to BlackBerry Protect, a free app that finds your lost phone, locks it, wipes it, and more.



How do I create or manage a BlackBerry ID?