Safe mode cannot turn off: Android

    Troubleshoot the phone getting stuck in Safe mode. Errors you may see:


    • 'Safe mode' displays on bottom of the Home screen
    • Cannot make calls or receive calls or access the internet
    • Some third-party apps do not start


    Turning off Safe mode


    Safe mode can automatically activate due to:

    • Third-party app preventing the device from starting
    • Case touches the keys
    • Accidentally touching keys while device is starting
    • Keys are stuck
    • Phone is connected to USB cable and encounters an error
    • Device is rooted


    Normally, restarting the device and pressing no keys turns off Safe mode. If it does not turn off Safe mode, follow these steps:


    1. Verify the phone is unplugged and not charging.
    2. Remove the battery and SIM card.
    3. Wait 20 seconds, and then re-insert the SIM card and battery.
    4. Make sure that your case does not press any keys.
    5. Press each key a few times, to check it is not stuck.
    6. Turn on the device. Do not press keys while it starts up.
    7. If the device starts in Safe mode, then uninstall all apps that you recently downloaded.
    8. Restart the device.
      Note: If the device starts normally, the issue was with an app. Contact the developer, and do not re-install it.
    9. Wipe the cache partition. See: Android > Your device > How Tos, and look under Settings.
    10. If the issue continues, do a master reset using hardware keys. See your device How Tos.






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