Picture messaging (MMS)

    Picture messaging (MMS) is a service that allows you to send and receive messages with multimedia content, not necessarily just text. Picture messaging lets you send or receive messages containing pictures, video, text, audio, or a combination.


    • You'll need a phone that supports picture messaging to use this service. If you're not sure, check your phone's Tech Specs.
    • Because of the larger size, a picture message can sometimes take longer to get to your phone than a text message (SMS).
    • Videos can only be sent between handsets that support video messaging.



    Messaging rates

    Some plans include a monthly allotment of messages (text, picture, video, and IM). If messages aren’t included in your plan, you can find messaging rates by logging in to My T-Mobile and visiting the PLAN section. For Pay in Advance (Prepaid) accounts, you can find rates on the Prepaid additional services page.



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