Text and picture messaging

Warm up your thumbs! T-Mobile ONE™ and Simple Choice offer unlimited text and picture messaging.


Older plans may include a monthly allotment of messages (text, picture, video, and IM).You can check your monthly allotment by logging into My T-Mobile and clicking View details in the My Line section. You aren't charged for messages you receive from T-Mobile.


About text and picture messaging

Text messaging (SMS) and picture messaging (MMS) are mobile messaging services that allow you to send and receive short messages on text-capable mobile devices to both T-Mobile and non-T-Mobile customers. Picture messaging lets you include multimedia content in your messages, including pictures, video, and audio.


New to texting?

To learn how to send SMS/MMS on your device, visit our Device tutorials page, select your device, and check out the Email & Messaging tutorials.


Messaging guidelines

When sending text or picture messages, keep the following in mind:


  • Text messages are limited to 160 characters. If a message exceeds 160 characters, it's automatically converted to a picture message (MMS).
  • Picture messages are limited to 10 recipients per message.
  • Because of their larger size, a picture message can take longer to get to your mobile device than a text message (SMS).
  • The maximum size per picture message is 1 MB for sending, and 3 MB for receiving (the sender's carrier may limit their message to less than 3 MB). Pictures can't exceed a resolution of 3072 x 3072.
  • Pictures are received in their original format (network limitations apply) but may be resized to fit the screen.
  • You can only send videos between handsets that support video messaging.


Important: T-Mobile doesn't save or keep copies of text messages, so there's no way we can access them for you after you've deleted them. Some email services allow for text messages to be forwarded to your email, so check with your email provider to see if this is a service they offer. If so, you can forward your messages to your email for safe keeping.


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