Domestic data roaming

Your device data works a little differently when it's on a non-T-Mobile network, and it has some restrictions.


T-Mobile partners with other U.S. carriers to provide service in some areas of the country. When T-Mobile customers use data on these partner networks, this is called "domestic data roaming." While roaming, data services work a little differently and have some restrictions.



How it works

T-Mobile is always looking for ways to offer as much coverage as possible on our own network, so we must sometimes rely on domestic roaming partners to broaden our domestic coverage. To make this possible, we coordinate with third-party roaming partners in certain areas where we don’t have our own network coverage.


In these cases, we don’t have the same ability to provide unlimited data roaming. When you travel outside of T-Mobile's U.S. network coverage, your phone automatically switches to using wireless data from another carrier. There's no added charge for the service, but we do have to place reasonable limits on off-network usage.


You'll receive a usage alert when you've reached 80% of your monthly domestic data roaming usage allotment; then you'll receive a second alert when you reach 100%.




Domestic data roaming Magenta, T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice

If you have one of our more recent plans (such as Magenta, T-Mobile ONE, or Simple Choice plans activated on or after November 15, 2015), then you're eligible for 200 MB of domestic data roaming.


Domestic data roaming with other / older plans

Eligibility for data roaming depends on your full-speed data allotment, whether you're on one of our older Simple Choice plans (activated before November 15, 2015) or if you're on our Tourist Plan. To determine this allotment, follow these steps:


  1. Go to My T-Mobile, and log in to your account.
  2. Click Plan at the top of the page.
  3. Find the line you want to check.
  4. Click the + next to DATA SERVICE.
  5. Check the bill details to see what it lists as your limit for high-speed data.
  6. Check the following table:
    Current data feature / plan

    Domestic data roaming limit

    Plans launched before 11/15/15

    Domestic data roaming limit

    Plans launched on or after 11/15/15

    Less than 200 MB5 MB

    200 MB

    200 MB to 1 GB10 MB
    2 GB to 4.99 GB50 MB
    5 GB to 10.99 GB100 MB
    11 GB to 21 GB200 MB
    Unlimited High-speed data w/ SMHS50 MB
    Limited High-speed w/ SMHS50 MB
    Mobile Web Pay Per Use10 MB10 MB
    On-Demand Data Pass0 MB0 MB




Things to keep in mind

  • You will not be charged for domestic data roaming. However, once your domestic data roaming allotment has been reached, your data services will be unavailable until you return to a T-Mobile coverage area or when your bill cycle starts over. If you have a Wi-Fi-capable device, you can still connect to Wi-Fi to access data in non-T-Mobile coverage areas.
  • To reduce data usage when roaming:
    • Use Wi-Fi whenever possible, especially when streaming or downloading.
    • Adjust the settings in your phone to disable data roaming. Head over to the Devices page, select your device, and you'll find steps to change these settings.
    • Set email and other social networking applications that synchronize data to "manual" mode instead of "automatic," so you can control when you are syncing data.
  • Android phones can use applications like My Data Manager to track and control usage. It's not a T-Mobile application and doesn't show exact network usage, but it may be useful for general reference.



Monitor your domestic data roaming

You'll receive a free usage alert via text message to notify you once you use 80% of your monthly domestic data roaming allotment, and another when you reach 100%. These text messages contain a link that allows you to view your real-time usage.


You can also view your domestic data usage by using the T-Mobile app on your device once you have exceeded 80% of your monthly full-speed data or domestic data roaming allotments.


There may be times when your device still attempts to roam or use another carrier's network, even when you're within the T-Mobile coverage area. If you’d like to limit this, see the Things to keep in mind above.



What can I do if I used my domestic data roaming allotment?

Once your domestic data roaming allotment has been reached, your data services won't be available until you return to a T-Mobile coverage area, your bill cycle starts over, or you buy a Domestic Data Roaming Pass (not available for the Tourist Plan).


If you have a Wi-Fi-capable device, you can access data on any available Wi-Fi connection. Most data services aren't available when you reach your domestic data roaming allotment.


You can call 611 from your T-Mobile number, or call T-Mobile Customer Service at 1-800-937-8997, to purchase one of the following data passes:


  • A 1-Day 10 MB Domestic Roaming Data Pass costs $10
  • A 7-Day 50 MB Domestic Roaming Data Pass costs $15