Migrating to Value Plans

    Value plans are a great new affordable lineup of rates plans from T-Mobile.  Now is a great time to experience 4G speeds at an affordable price. All Postpaid customers are eligible to migrate to Value rate plans. However if any line being migrated has completed less than 18 months on their current contract, that line will be subject to a migration fee.


    Note: Migrating to a family plan may result in multiple fees based on the time completed on the current contract for each line.


    Benefits of a Value Plan

    • Rate Plan Savings: - Value plans are our most affordable rates, and provide significant savings compared to competition.
      • Out of Pocket Savings on New Handset - Pay the same or less out of pocket when you purchase a new handset with Value plans compared to Classic.
        • Lower Total Cost of Ownership - When you combine rate plan and monthly handset payment, you can save at least $70 per month on 2 lines vs. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint on comparable plans*.
          • Additional Benefits:
            • No upgrade fee when you upgrade to a new device on Value plans.
            • Shorter time to device upgrade with Value plans. (20 months instead of 22 with Classic)
            • If you are happy with your current device, save even more on Value plans.
            • Add a Line for as little as $5.



          Migration Fee Information

          • The Migration Fee applies for each line being migrated to the Value Plan in which less than 18 months of the current contract term has been met. A migration fee is a charge for moving to a Value rate plan prior to completing your existing contract. This fee is charged to your monthly bill and will be due on your next statement following the change.
            • Migrations fees are assessed based on time remaining on your current contract. Current contract status may be a result of a contract change or handset upgrade.



              Months Completed on Contract

              Migration Fee Charged per Line

              0-7 months completed


              8-11 months completed


              12-15 months completed


              16-17 months completed


              18+ months completed



              Note: Months shown are approximate based on 30 days per month.




              • Value plans may not be available in all sales channels.
              • Lines switching to Value rate plans may be subject to a migration fee.
              • EIP Financing is available for the purchase of handsets. Restrictions apply. See Equipment Installment Plan for more information.
              • Once on the Value Plan, future rate plan changes are limited to the Value Plan line-up.
              • Add-on feature availability may vary by rate plan selection.
              • A two-year contract renewal is required for each line switching to Value.




              Question: How do I save with Value plans?

              • With Value plans, the amount you pay for your phone today is less than (or same as) what you would pay with a phone discount on a Classic plan.
              • And, with the discounted rate plan you will pay less per month than you would by with a Classic plan that as a phone discount, even with the monthly phone payment included.


              Question: How is it possible that I save money when you charge me so much for the phone?  

              • With Value plans your total cost of ownership is lower – that’s because your out of pocket payment on your handset is the same or lower, and your monthly charges are less.
              • For example, Unlimited Data, Talk & Text on a Value Plan is $20 less/month than on Classic ($59.99/mo vs. $79.99/mo).  Even with a top of the line smartphone with a $15/mo payment you’ll still save $5/month vs. a Classic plan.  And if you don’t need a smartphone or bring your own smartphone, you can save even more ($20/mo in this example).


              Question: What about upgrades?  

              • When you are ready for your next handset you’ll be eligible for the best handset price earlier than on Classic (upgrade after just 20 months on Value instead of 22 on Classic).
              • And, if you choose to use your phone for longer than 20 months, you will have a lower monthly rate and save even more for those additional months.


              * Based on comparison of $99.98/mo. Unlimited Value – Plus family plan against comparable postpaid smartphone family plans from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, even with the monthly payments for two smartphones such as the Sidekick 4G on an Equipment Installment Plan. Plan features and limitations vary. Data as of September 2011; device pricing subject to change.