Simple Choice migration fee FAQs

    Find answers to commonly asked questions about Simple Choice™ migration fees.



    What are the benefits of the Simple Choice Plan?

    • The Simple Choice plan offers affordable rates, and it provides significant savings compared to the competition.
    • Pay a low down payment and low monthly payments when you purchase a new phone using our Equipment Installment Plan (EIP).
    • No upgrade fee when you purchase a new device on our Simple Choice plan with the EIP option.
    • No annual service contract.
    • Waived activation fee. Activation fee appears as a charge and then a separate credit on your first bill.
    • Includes unlimited talk, text, and web. You just add the amount of high-speed data you need.
    • No overages.



    How much is the migration fee?

    If less than 18 months have passed since purchasing a discounted device, a migration fee applies to each line switching to a Simple Choice plan.


    Refer to the following table to determine the fee:


    Number of months since
    last discounted phone purchase
    $2000-7 months
    $1508-11 months
    $10012-15 months
    $5016-17 months
    $018 months or more
    Months shown are based on an approximation of 30 days per month.



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    Equipment Installment Plan: Availability and amount of EIP financing subject to credit approval. Down payment and unfinanced portion required at purchase. Balance paid in monthly installments. Must remain on qualifying service in good standing for duration of EIP agreement. If you cancel wireless service, remaining balance on phone/device becomes due. Taxes and late/non-payment fees may apply. Participating locations; not available in Washington, D.C. Example(s) shown reflects the down payment and monthly payments of our most creditworthy customers; amounts for others will vary. Pricing applicable to single device purchase.