Memory full notification / incoming message rejected: Android

    Troubleshoot problems with:


    • Error: 'Incoming message rejected due to full memory. Please delete old messages...'
    • Not showing new message waiting notifications
    • Not receiving / rejecting text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS)






    To fix the low memory notification, clear some free space on the device:


    1. This is not a defect and not an issue with the phone. You must manage free space on any data device, phone, or computer. If this recurs, it means you must manage your free space more often.
    2. Touch the low memory notification to dismiss it.
    3. Follow Memory and storage management: Android and clear storage space
    4. Check the internal phone memory:
      1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
      2. Touch Settings.
      3. Touch SD & phone storage.
      4. Under the Internal storage heading, view Available space.

        It is the second arrow in the image.

    5. If the internal memory is 25 MB or less, you must clear more stroage
      Note: If the number is measured in GB (instead of MB), then you have enough free space.
    6. In the future, manage your memory and storage to keep as much free space as possible. If you do not, this issue will return.
    7. If the device has sufficient memory but is not receiving text messages, see Text message (SMS) troubleshooting.