International roaming services

    T-Mobile has various roaming agreements that lets you use your mobile device while traveling internationally. Use our International Roaming checklist to make sure you have everything else you need when traveling abroad.


    Simple Choice Plan goes global

    The Simple Choice Plan gives you unlimited data and texting in more than 140 countries and destinations at no extra charge, while voice calls are $0.20/minute. Find out more on this page, or check out our International services page.


    If you're not in a country where international roaming is included, you can use calling and messaging services, but data is turned off by default. You can turn on data by dialing the short code, #RON#. As data is used, you receive free text messages notifying you of the incurred charges. If you want to turn data back off, dial #ROF#. (View calling and messaging rates.)


    You can also block voice, messaging, and data when roaming internationally on My T-Mobile.


    If you want to check what plan you're on, or want to switch to a Simple Choice Plan, check out Change your plan. If you're not on the Simple Choice Plan, go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account to learn more about international roaming options you can add to your plan.


    Countries covered by our Simple Choice Plan

    Tell us which country you’ll be visiting by entering it in our look-up tool and clicking CHECK RATES & COVERAGE:

    • If the country is part of Simple Choice, that's great! You get unlimited data and text that automatically comes with our Simple Choice Plan.
    • If it's not on our list, you'll see the rates for All T-Mobile plans for that country, regardless if you have the Simple Choice Plan or another T-Mobile plan.


    International travel without the Simple Choice Plan

    If you're not on our Simple Choice Plan, and you'll be traveling outside the U.S., add World Class International Roaming to each line. To learn how, read Change your services. To find country rate information, simply tell us which country you’ll be visiting by entering it in our look-up tool and clicking CHECK RATES & COVERAGE. You'll see a comparison of the rates for data, text, and talk for the Simple Choice Plan and other T-Mobile plans.


    Tethering/Smartphone Mobile Hotspot

    Even though the included data roaming service that comes with Simple Choice allows you to use data for your phone, it doesn't allow the ability to share with other devices by tethering through Smartphone Mobile Hotspot. If you need to share data through tethering, then we suggest adding an international data pass. Not only does it allow your device to be used as a Smartphone Mobile Hotspot, but it gives you speeds of up to 3G, depending on what country you're visiting.


    Important information regarding Vietnam

    As of January 13, 2015, data roaming access in Vietnam is blocked. At this time, access to voice calls and text messages (SMS/MMS) are allowed at standard international roaming rates. This change was due to an independent move by the Vietnamese government that increased carriers' rates; T-Mobile is working on trying to get the rates back down. Check out the standard international roaming rates.



    Pay in Advance (Prepaid) while traveling

    Our Pay in Advance plans let you stay in touch when traveling abroad. Find out more by visiting the Pay in Advance international services & rates page. Keep in mind, international data roaming is not available for Pay in Advance accounts.



    Traveling on cruise ships and ferries

    Cruise ship roaming is available while on selected cruise lines and ferries. We recommend that you turn off roaming while docked in a U.S. port, whether the ship is departing or arriving. Otherwise, your phone may pick up the ship's network and you'll incur roaming charges. Once you're out to sea, you can then turn on roaming and pay the respective usage for data, text, and voice.


    To find rates while traveling at sea, visit the International Roaming page, scroll about halfway down, and click Going on a cruise? Check out your rates on cruises and ferries. Then, after reviewing the rates, scroll a little farther down so you can Check to see if your device is cruise-compatible by searching for your device.