Device randomly turns off: Android

    Understanding the Issue


    Related errors


    • Turns off or shuts down, and does not restart
    • Powers off during phone calls
    • Need to remove the battery to turn on the device
    • Device restarts or reboots on its own




    When a device randomly turns off or restarts, the likely root causes are the the apps that are installed, a loose battery placement, or device hardware. The battery very rarely causes this issue.



    Resolution Steps

    To fix the device turning off or restarting on its own, follow these steps:


    1. When the device turns off, press the Power key. If the lock screen displays right away, the device just going into sleep mode.
      Note: This means the device is not turning off. See the settings in your user manual to adjust your backlight duration.

    2. Verify the battery indicator shows more than 10% power. If less, you must charge your device.

    3. Check your device documents for any related instructions. If any instructions are listed, follow those steps.

    4. Remove the battery and inspect it for damage such as:
      • Swelling
      • Missing contacts
      • Loose in battery compartment
      • Other physical damage
        Note: If the battery shows damage, then it is out of warranty and you will need to purchase a new one. Using third-party charges not designed for the device model may cause swelling and damage the battery.

    5. Examine the device for any physical damage or liquid damage.

    6. If you have another device of the same model with you, remove the battery and test it in the device that is having problems. If you have no extra battery, continue to the next step.
      Note: If a different battery works in the device, then you need a new battery.

    7. Re-insert the battery, and push it in tightly.

    8. Turn on the device.

    9. Uninstall all non-T-Mobile apps that were recently downloaded.

    10. If the problem is not related to the causes above, continue troubleshooting for Device is slow / freezes / restarts / or displays memory errors: Android.

    11. If the problem continues after completing all steps above, Contact us.