Market apps cause slowdown or device freezing: HTC Radar 4G

Understanding the Issue:


The following experiences are seen:


  • Application force closes, freezes or crashes
  • Application runs slow, stutters or is unresponsive to touch or other inputs.
  • Device starts running slow or is unresponsive to touch or other inputs.
  • Battery life is negatively affected.


Resolution Steps:

If application previously worked without issues:

  1. Press and hold the back arrow key on the bottom left of your phone.
  2. Select the problematic application and then tap the back arrow key until the application is exited.
  3. Navigate to Marketplace and Search for the problematic application.
  4. If Update is available, Update application and monitor to see if issue is fixed. If update is not available move to step 5.
  5. Swipe left to App List > Long press application experiencing difficulties > tap uninstall.
  6. Navigate to the Marketplace and Search for the application that you wish to reinstall.
    1. Note: This will reset the application to an “at new” condition
  7. Factory data reset can be discussed as a last option to fix this issue. (All Apps> Settings> About > Reset your phone)

If application never worked or issue is not resolved:

  1. Please review the application by searching the Marketplace for the problematic application, scrolling right to the reviews section and then tapping rate and review
    1. Note: We cannot guarantee solution or response from developer
  2. Search the Windows Market for an application that has similar functionalities.


Additional Education:

  • To close an App with Windows Phone 7 simply tap the back arrow until the application exits
  • To switch applications longpress the back arrow until the preview screens show up. Tap the desired application.
  • Some applications (such as streaming music applications) will continue to run in the background until the application is opened and playback is manually stopped.


A factory reset restores your phone to the original factory settings and will erase all downloaded content, including ringtones, images, programs, and contacts stored in the internal memory. It does not erase data stored on the SIM card. After performing a factory reset, you will need to go through the set up process and sign in to all of your accounts again.

As always, mitigate customer impact by explaining what data will be retained or lost during the Master Reset process.

Lost data includes, but is not limited to:


  • SMS messages in inbox.
  • Saved application data (game high scores, browser history, etc.).
  • Call logs.
  • Images and music stored on device.


Data that will be untouched, includes, but is not limited to:

  • E-mails and other cloud stored data


If your device is unresponsive or you are locked out of your phone:


  • Remove the bottom cover from your device and wait 10 seconds.
  • Replace the bottom cover.
  • Press and hold both volume up and volume down buttons and then press the power button to turn the device on.
  • Scroll to Factory data reset using the Volume Down key and press the Power key to select it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the hard reset.