App update troubleshooting: Nokia Lumia 710

    You may experience issues while trying to update applications during initial use of the Nokia Lumia 710.




    • When you click on ESPN tile, the display seems to be stuck on “Loading” message.
    • When you click on ESPN tile, the app states that an update is available, but another message may display that app update is not compatible with phone.


    Updating applications from the marketplace will not work until your device is recognized by the app server. This can take up to 15 minutes from the first data connection (Cellular or Wi-Fi). If you attempt an app update before the device is recognized with the app server it will fail and display an error message until the device recognition is established.


    This issue is on the Microsoft Marketplace side and not on the device side. The issue is being addressed by Microsoft Marketplace team and the final fix is expected soon.


    1. Open the Marketplace app and use it for at least 15 minutes to ensure that the device has been recognized by the app server.
    2. Ensure that all device settings are set to US (date time; region language).
    3. A way to initiate device recognition is to browse Xbox Games as that automatically triggers device recognition with Microsoft Marketplace on the phone.
    4. If the above settings are all correct, reset the device (settings > about > reset your phone).