Headset audio does not work or headset icon does not display: HTC Amaze 4G

Understanding the Issue



  • Audio does not go through an attached wired headset
  • Audio only works in one ear bud
  • Crackling sound through attached headset
  • Microphone does not work
  • Headset icon does not appear on the notification bar



Help & How to

To fix problems with the headset not working as expected,  follow these steps:


  1. Verify the plug is inserted all the way into the device. The  plug clicks when inserted correctly.

  2. Turn up the volume on the device.
  3. Use a different application (such as Music, YouTube, QIK) to play  audio, and verify it works.
    Note: If it works, the problem is  with the specific app and not with the device. Troubleshoot that app.
  4. Verify the headset works in other devices.
  5. Remove the back cover, and inspect the audio input for debris (such  as paper, dirt, etc.). Clear the debris if you find some inside.

  6. If the problem continues, try a different headset.
  7. If the problem continues, perform a master reset.
  8. If the problem continues, contact us.