Power troubleshooting: Nokia Lumia 710

    Troubleshoot or learn more about issues after you begin charging your Nokia Lumia 710, such as:

    • Screen is black or will not power on.
    • Device continues to power cycle while on the charger.
    • Device indicates a charge but will not power on.

    You will experience this when using chargers other than what was shipped in the box. Alternate chargers, including USB ports in a computer or a car charger, do not have enough power to properly charge a depleted battery and may take longer for the device to power on.


    To fix this issue:

    1. Verify that you are using the charger and USB cord that was provided in the box.
    2. Be aware that once the battery approaches 25% or lower battery life, you should use the Nokia AC adapter and USB cable for the best experience.