Battery: LG G5

Learn how to insert and remove the battery on the LG G5.





  1. To insert a new battery, align the arrows on both the battery and the module and firmly connect the battery terminals to the module.
    Connect battery 1.png
  2. Align the battery with the lower edge and carefully slide the module back into the device.




  1. Press the module eject key to partly eject the module from the device.
  2. Grab the middle of the ejected module and pull it out.
    Pull out module3.png
  3. To remove the battery, hold the battery and module with both hands and separate them from one another in an outward arc (as indicated below) to disconnect the battery terminals.
    Disconnect battery4.png


Soft reset

From any screen, press and hold the Volume down key and Power button at the same time, for up to 45 seconds until the device resets.