Power & charging troubleshooting: HTC Amaze 4G

Understanding the Issue


  • Micro USB cable or charger does not charge device
  • Cable plug does not seat correctly or falls out easily
  • Error: “The power adaptor you have connected is not compatible. Please insert a compatible power adaptor.”
  • Cannot charge with third-party USB cables
  • Charging port no longer accepts the supplied 12-pin connector
  • Device will not charge or turn on



Help & How to

What to expect

The correct way to insert a micro USB cable:


  • Flat portion of micro USB should be facing up, towards display
  • Grooves on micro USB should be facing up, towards display
  • Insert cable with very little force



On the left is a 5-PIN cable that ships with many other HTC devices, and on the right is 12-PIN charger for an Amaze 4G. Note the grooves on the top of both connectors



On the left is the 12-PIN Amaze 4G connector, and on the right is a 5-PIN.


Resolution steps

To troubleshoot the device not charging with a cable, follow these steps:


  1. Use the HTC power cable that came with the device. It is a 12-pin micro USB cable. Most older chargers use a   5-pin micro USB cable that does not work and can damage the charging port of the device.

  2. If problems continue with the HTC power cable, then remove battery.
  3. Re-insert battery.
  4. Insert the HTC charging cable.
  5. Wait up to 1 minute to verify the charging indicator (green or yellow LED) turns on.
  6. If the problem continues, perform a master reset.
  7. If the problem continues, contact us.