Unresponsive / frozen phone troubleshooting: HTC HD2

Understanding the Issue

When you are having software problems, the root cause is usually related to a specific application, perception of functionality, or a problem with the device’s software. Use the following questions as a guide to help identify the situation, duration, and frequency of the problem:


  • When did the issue first start happening?
  • How often is the issue occurring? (once a day, multiple times a day, all the time, etc.)
  • Was there an event (dropped device, downloaded application, using a specific phone feature) that triggered the problem?


Related issues
  • Not enough memory. To free up memory, close unused applications.
  • Device is slow, sluggish, frozen, crashes, locks up, or randomly stops.
  • Error: 'Inbox full' when receiving text messages (SMS)



The device may seem to freeze, lock up, or have slow performance. There are several reasons for this issue to occur:


  • Programs running in the background
    • Programs running in the background while not in use can use the internal memory.
    • Close programs daily using Task Manager to free memory on the device.
  • Large files using internal memory
    • Large files (such as ringtones, pictures, applications, messages) stored to the device can interfere with the way the device manages memory. For optimal usage, the device should have more than 10 MB of free internal memory for both storage and program memory.
    • Save large files to a memory card to keep memory on the device free.
  • Third-party applications
    • Software that has not been certified by Microsoft may not have been tested thoroughly and can cause the device to run slowly or encounter errors.
    • T-Mobile does not support third-party applications.


Resolution Steps

You need to perform regular maintenance for the device to work optimally. To resolve the issues and perform the maintenance, follow these steps:


  1. Perform regular maintenance to optimize device performance:
    • Turn off the device, and turn it on again. This should be performed once daily.
      • Note: If the device freezes, then remove the battery and wait 20 seconds before re-inserting it.
    • Clear the browser cache, cookies, or history.
    • Use Task Manager to close all running programs.
      • Note: To do this quickly, tap Start, Task Manager, Menu, End All tasks.
    • Soft reset the device. (HD2)
  2. Check the software version, and verify that it is the most recent version. See the Windows Mobile Upgrade Web site for current software versions and to download any upgrades.
  3. Check the available internal memory. If it is less than 10 MB, it affects you device performance. To free up memory, use these tips:
    • Change the default storage location to the storage card.
    • Move files from the internal memory to a memory card.
      • Note:Do not store MP3s or music files on the internal memory unless they are ringtones. Save ringtones to the internal memory.
    • Delete unecessary files from the internal memory.
    • Delete text messages (SMS).
    • Delete picture and video messages (MMS).
    • Clear the deleted items.
      • HD2: From the Home screen, tap Messaging, All Messaging, Menu, Settings, Options, Clear deleted message, set to Immediate, Done.
      • Touch Pro2: From the Home screen, tap Start, Messaging, All Messaging, Menu, Tools, Empty deleted items.
    • Change the setting for Outlook synchronization to download only for the past three days.
      • Note: To do this quickly, tap Start, Tools, ActiveSync, Menu, Options. Tap the E-mail account, then Settings.... Change the Download the past field to 3 days and verify the download size limit is set to 50 KB or less. Tap Ok, Ok, and press the Home key.
  4. Remove third-party applications.
    • Note: To do this quickly, tap Start, Settings, Menu, All Settings, System,Remove Programs.
  5. If the issue recurs, then turn off HTC Sense. You can turn it back on later.
  6. If the issue persists, the customer must perform a master reset.