Keyboard: LG 450

Learn how to customize text entry and default keyboard settings on the LG 450.


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Text entry mode

While in a text entry screen, press and hold the * (star) key to switch between text entry modes.

Note: If you tap the * (Star key without holding it down it will only switch between t9 capitol, t9 lowercase, or num lock.


To enter text using abc mode

Press the key until the desired letter displays. For example, to enter RUN, press the 7 key three times, the 8 key twice, and the 6 key twice.


To enter text using T9 predictive text mode

Press each key once. The dictionary will display the most common word for the sequence of key presses once all the letters are entered. For example, to enter RUN, press 7, 8, and 6.


To enter text using 123 mode

Press and hold the number key until the number appears.




  1. Press the # (pound) key until you see 123 at the top right of your screen.
  2. Press the desired number keys