Camera & gallery: LG G Flex

Use these steps to support gallery functions on the LG G Flex.




Camera settings

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Camera icon.
  2. Refer to the viewfinder image below for camera functions and locations.
  3. In the viewfinder, tap the Settings icon to open the advanced options
    • Voice shutter: Allows you to take a picture by voice.
    • Brightness: Defines and controls of the amount of sunlight entering the lens. Slide the brightness indicator along the bar towards - for a lower brightness video or towards + for a higher brightness video.
      • Focus: Tap to select the focus mode.
      • Auto: Allows the camera to focus automatically. (The camera continuously focuses on the objects in the photo).
      • Manual: Allows you to set the focus mode manually before taking a photo.
    • Face tracking: The camera detects and focuses on human faces automatically.
    • Image size: Tap to set the size (in pixels) of the picture you take.
      • Select a pixel value from the following options:
        • 13M 4160x3120 (4:3)
        • W10M 4160x2340 (16:9)
        • 8M 3264x2448 (4:3)
        • 1M 1280x960 (4:3)
    • ISO: Control the camera's sensitivity to light. Choose from Auto, 100, 200, 400 and 800.
    • White balance: Ensures white areas in your picture are realistic.
      • Determine the light conditions.
      • Choose from Auto, Incandescent, Sunny, Fluorescent, and Cloudy.
    • Color effect: Allows you to set a color effect for the photo. Choose from None, Mono, Sepia, and Negative.
    • Timer: Allows you to set a delay after the shutter is pressed.
      • Choose from the following: Off, 3 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec.
    • Geotagging: Activate to use your phone’s location-based services.
      • Take pictures wherever you are and tag them with the location.
      • If you upload tagged pictures to a blog that supports geotagging, you can see the pictures displayed on a map.
    • Shutter sound: Adjust the sound the shutter makes when taking a picture.
    • Volume key: Set how to use the Volume keys for certain actions. Choose from Capture or Zoom.
    • Help: Touch this whenever you want to know how a function works.
    • Reset: Restore all camera default settings
    • Face tracking: The camera detects and focuses on human faces automatically.


Delete pictures & videos

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Tap Gallery and navigate to the folder that contains the file(s) you want to delete.
  3. Tap Delete and select the file(s) to delete.
    Video files will display a Play icon over the thumbnail.
  4. Tap the trashcan icon, then tap Yes to confirm.



  1. Navigate to the desired screen.
  2. At the same time, press and hold the Power key and Volume Down key.
  3. When the screenshot flashes, release both keys.