Car Home (car mode) cannot turn off or disable: T-Mobile G2

    How to turn off Car Home

    To resolve this problem, follow these steps:


    1. Turn off Car Home:
      • From the Car Home screen, touch the X button in the lower right that says Exit car mode.
        Note: If the button is not visible, press the Home key first.


      • Slide down the Notification bar, and touch Car mode enabled / Select to exit car mode.
    2. After turning off Car Home, it is still running in the background. To stop Car Home from running:
      1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
      2. Touch Manage apps.
      3. Verify the All tab is selected.
      4. Scroll down to Car Home. There may be two (2) entries.
      5. Touch each Car Home entry, and Clear data or Force stop.


    If turning off Car Home does not work

    If the steps above do not help turn off Car Home or it keeps turning on, follow these steps:


    1. If you installed or updated apps in the past couple weeks (or since the problem started), uninstall them all.
    2. Check that no apps are stored on the SD card. If there are apps on teh SD card, move them to the phone memory.
    3. Text the phone for at least 72 hours with no new/updated apps and no apps on the SD card to verify it is not a problem with a non-T-Mobile app.


    There is a rare problem with Car Home that:

    • Occurs on many device from all manufacturers, and all carriers such as AT&T and Verizon.
    • Has been escalated with Google.
    • Has no root cause determined yet.