Device images: Sony Xperia Z

View images of the Sony Xperia Z and learn about device buttons and icons.


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experia Device_front.jpg

experia Device_rear.jpg

  1. Front camera lens
  2. Ear speaker
  3. Ambient light sensor
  4. Notification light
  5. Main microphone
  6. Charging dock connector
  7. MicroSD slot
  8. Port for charger/USB cable
  9. Headset connector
  10. Camera lens
  11. Second microphone
  12. Camera light
  13. NFC™ detection area
  14. Phone strap holder
  15. Speaker
  16. Volume/Zoom key
  17. Power button
  18. Micro SIM slot


Front view



experia Icons_1.jpg

experia Icons_2.jpg

experia Icons_3.jpg