Return your device exchange

    Learn how to return a defective device through an exchange.


    In the unfortunate event that you have a defective device, you can exchange your device as long as it is under warranty. You must contact customer care to begin this process. The device you get in exchange might be a like-new device. Once you receive the device you must return the defective device to the Return Center within seven days of receiving the exchange order using the provided UPS postage paid return label and box to avoid a non-return fee. If the defective devices in not returned, a restocking fee is charged.




    To return a handset exchange, follow these steps:


    1. When the replacement device is received, return the defective device in the same box using the packing foam provided to protect the device during transit.
      Note: You can use another box to return the handset.You must package the defective device with foam or packing peanuts to prevent further damage to the device and tape the box securely around all edges
    2. The replacement/return box includes a “tamper evident box seal” sticker. Seal the tab closing of the box with the sticker horizontally. This will prevent the handset from falling out of the box during transit to the Return Center.
      • Important: Do not include any accessories such as the battery, memory card, or back cover. These items will not be returned.
      • Only one device per box. Combining shipments will cause delay in  receipt of returned devices.
      • Do not enclose a bill payment, a letter to T-Mobile or any other correspondence.
      • If you receive a defective replacement or you do not want to do an exchange after receiving the replacement, return the replacement and you will not be charged a Warranty Non-Return fee.
      • If you return the wrong device or a device that was never sold by T-Mobile, you will be charged a Warranty Non-Return fee. No credit will be issued.
    3. You must return devices within seven days of receiving the replacement handset or you will be charged a Restocking Fee.
    4. A postage paid return label has been provided to return your defective device (may be located under the shipping label or in the box). The label has the order number, the Return Center return address and UPS tracking number.
      • Empty all contents out of the box thoroughly; sometimes the postage paid return label can be above or below the packing foam in the box.
      • You MUST have a postage paid return label to return your defective device. Special bar coding is printed on the label that allows the Return Center to credit for the equipment received.
      • Postage Paid Return Label Misplaced: If you need a new postage paid return label AND it has been less than 45 days since the original exchange order was shipped, contact customer care.
    5. Check with at to find a UPS Drop-off location in their area.
      • The United Parcel Service (UPS) is the ONLY shipping vendor you should use to return your defective device. The free return shipping is only available through UPS and the package must be taken to a UPS drop box or UPS store.


    Note: Write down your tracking number and keep it accessible for future reference.


    What is the Return Center address?


    Return Center TX

    ATTN: Return Department, Form ID: (write the Order Form Id here**)

    4500 Cambridge Road

    Ste 100 Door 3

    Fort Worth, TX 76155


    **Order Form Id can be obtained by looking at the shipping label on the original shipment, or by contacting customer service.