Buy a SIM card

Learn how to buy a T-Mobile SIM card. If you don't know what type of SIM card you need, check out the Tech Specs for your device on the Devices page.


Note: If you're purchasing a replacement SIM card (for example, you're buying a new SIM card to unlock additional features such as Wi-Fi calling), back up any contacts you saved to your existing SIM card using Gmail, iCloud, a Microsoft account, an SD card, or your preferred backup method. For device-specific information about managing contacts, see the Devices page.



Buy a SIM card online

To purchase a T-Mobile 3-in-1 SIM Starter Kit online, visit


Buy a Pay in Advance (Prepaid) SIM card

  1. Go to
  2. Select SHOP.
  3. Select either Phones or Tablets & Devices, depending on what you are buying the SIM card for.
  4. Scroll to the SIM card you want to buy.
  5. Select Buy Now.



Order a SIM card over the phone

To request that we mail you a SIM card starter kit, contact us.



Buy a SIM card at a T-Mobile retail location

Use the Store Locator to find the store closest to you, and call the store to check SIM card starter kit availability and pricing.