Buy a SIM card

    Learn how to buy a T-Mobile SIM starter kit. SIM starter kits include a SIM card, and can be purchased through online, over the phone, or at a T-Mobile retail location. If you need to know what type of SIM card you need, check out SIM cards.



    Purchase a SIM for a new line on My T-Mobile

    You can purchase a SIM kit for a new line:


    1. Log on to My T-Mobile.
    2. Click SHOP.
    3. Click the SHOP ACCESSORIES button.
    4. Click PHONES.
    5. Scroll down past the phones, and click the appropriate SIM card:
      • T-Mobile SIM Starter Kit
      • T-Mobile SIM Starter Kit - Micro SIM
      • T-Mobile SIM Starter Kit - Nano SIM
    6. Click the BUY NOW button.
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase your SIM card.



    Purchase a Pay in Advance (Prepaid) SIM card online

    1. Go to
    2. Highlight SHOP, and click the BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE link.
    3. Under the desired SIM card, select ADD TO CART.
    5. Review your items.
    6. Click CHECK OUT when ready.
    7. Fill out your shipping details.
    8. Fill out payment details. The order confirmation will be provided once payment has been approved.



    Purchase a SIM card over the phone

    Contact us though Customer Care to request that we mail you a SIM card or starter kit.



    Purchase a SIM card from a T-Mobile retail location

    Find the nearest store using our Store Locator. We encourage you to call the store closest to you to check SIM Starter Kit availability and pricing.



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