Battery: Sony Xperia Z1s

Learn how to insert and remove the battery on the Sony Xperia Z1s.



Your device is equipped with an internal battery that cannot be removed. If you cannot access the menus because the device is frozen or will not power on, perform the following:


  1. Press and hold the Power and Volume Up keys.
  2. Wait for the device to vibrate three times (about 10 seconds). The device will vibrate once, then a few seconds later it will vibrate three times.
    • Release the keys.
    • Press the power key to turn the device back on.


    If the Power and Volume Up reset does not work, you will need to use the Off button:


    1. Remove the SIM card cover.
    2. With a paper clip or pen, press and hold the Off button until the device shuts down.
    3. Once completely shut down, power the device on normally.