Content Blocking Overview and Procedures




    Content Blocking Overview

    • Content Blocking is a free add-on feature that gives you the option to block ALL chargeable downloads billed through T-Mobile. Download types include:
      • CallerTunes
      • All Third-Party and Content Gateway purchases using a short code (CoGa and D2C).
        • Note: This includes transactions such as Bank Notifications, Horoscope, Alerts and more.
      • Games
      • Ringtones
      • Wallpapers
      • Applications from Play Store
      • Content and service subscriptions. Examples are monthly subscriptions to Apps like TeleNav and MobiTV.
    • Content Blocking is available to all T-Mobile customers.
    • Content Blocking continues to work while roaming domestically. However, it does not work while roaming internationally.




    Content That is Not Blocked

    Content Blocking only blocks downloads that have a purchase price greater than $0.00. Any free download would not be blocked.

    • Content purchased from third party companies who do not allow customers to pay for downloads through T-Mobile. Examples include:
      • Play Store purchases paid for with a credit card.
      • BlackBerry App World purchases paid for with PayPal.
    • Free text messages from content providers sent to notify you that you purchased content (ringtones, games, wallpaper, etc.).
    • Free application downloads from application stores like the Play Store and BlackBerry App World.





    Add or Remove Content Blocking

    To add or remove Content Blocking, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in.·
    2. From the My Account drop-down menu, select Change services.
    3. Select or click to clear the Content Blocking feature from the list provided and then click the CHANGE SERVICES button.
    4. Complete the transaction and Content Blocking will be activated or removed.


    Note: Monthly4G, SmartAccess, Business, kidConnect, Take Control and Huddle Up customers must call Customer Care to add Content Blocking.