Content Blocking

Content Blocking is a free service available to all T-Mobile customers that lets you block all chargeable content. Keep in mind that free content isn't blocked, and Content Blocking doesn't work when roaming internationally.


What's blocked

Types of content that is blocked includes:


  • Storefront content: Chargeable applications from device storefronts, such as the Google Play Store
  • Donations: Charitable giving (such as Red Cross) or political donation campaigns. Also referred to as Text-to-Give campaigns.
  • Text collect service: Collect calls received from correctional facilities
  • Other premium content and service subscriptions: Including CallerTunes, Slacker, Family Controls products such as Family Mode, Family Where, Visual Voicemail/Voice to Text, Name ID


Add or remove Content Blocking

You can add or remove this feature through the T-Mobile app or through My T-Mobile.