Android device keeps crashing or freezing

    Troubleshoot problems with:


    • Touch screen does not respond to touches quickly.
    • Slowness when navigating phone menus.
    • Device restarts (turns off and back on) on its own.
    • Device is slow, sluggish, frozen, crashes, locks up, or randomly stops.
    • Error: 'This phone has just recovered from an abnormal reset'


    These problems can occur even on properly working Android devices from all carriers and manufacturers. It is most often caused by apps you installed, accounts you are syncing, or filling up your memory.


    Related issues: Device crashes or freezes during start up, Force close error or process stops unexpectedly.




    Have the right expectations:


    • It's normal for the device to freeze briefly when opening programs or doing something, such as sending texts.
    • Web pages, email, and apps may load slowly depending on the network connection.
    • Most phones are not as fast as a computer.
    • You need to manage the memory regularly for the device to work properly.


    To fix problems with the device being slow, follow these steps:


    1. Check for and download any device software updates. See your device How tos > Settings > Software versions & updates.
    2. Wipe the cache partition (if possible). See your device How tos > Settings > Wipe cache partition.
    3. Reset the device as follows:
      1. Remove the SD card from the device.
      2. Disable automatic restore. From the Settings, select Privacy or Backup & reset, and verify Backup my settings and Automatic restore are not selected.
      3. Perform a master reset. See your device How tos > Settings > Master reset.
    4. After the reset:
      • Read Manage memory for your Android device. You need to regularly manage the storage of your device to keep it running properly.
      • Do not install any apps, email accounts, Facebook, sync services, or memory cards at first. Try the device without them.
    5. If issues continue with NO apps, email, Facebook, sync services, or memory cards, then contact us.
    6. If the issues does not continue after the reset, then:
      1. Re-add each app, email, Facebook, memory card, etc. one at a time.
      2. Test the phone after re-adding each item.
      3. If issues return, then the problem is with what you recently added. Remove it. If the problem is with:
        • App, Facebook, sync service: Remove it. Report issues to the app developer.
        • Email: Remove it. Delete items in your inbox, so fewer files need to sync. Report issues to the email provider.
        • Memory card: Remove it. Format it with a computer, or purchase a new one.
      4. Clear memory/storage regularly. Make sure you have enough free space that problem do not come back.



    If your device freezes when starting up

    1. Remove the battery and SD card. Re-insert the battery (not the SD card).
      Note: If the battery is not removable, remove the SD card and perform a soft reset. See you phone how tos > Battery.
    2. Turn on the device.
    3. If the device successfully starts, re-insert the SD card and turn on the device. If it fails with the SD card inserted again, the memory card is causing the problem. Then:
      1. Format the memory card from a computer or other phone.
      2. If this does not help, you may need to purchase a new memory card.
    4. Wipe the cache partition to clear system memory. For steps, see how to guides > Reset.
    5. If the problem continues, turn on the device in Safe Mode, if possible on the device.  See how to guides > Settings > Safe mode.
    6. In Safe Mode, delete all recently downloaded and updated apps, then restart the device to exit Safe Mode.
    7. Turn on the device to test if the problem continues.
    8. If the problem continues, master reset with hardware keys. For steps. see how to guides > Reset.
      Note: If the phone prompts to restore saved settings from before the reset, decline it. The issue may have been related to a setting.
    9. The phone may take some time to turn on. If the device successfully starts:
      • SeeMemory and storage management: Android, and follow the steps regularly.
      • Only install apps one at a time. One of the apps on the phone may have caused the problem before. If the problem returns, the most recently installed apps are the likely causes.
    10. If the issue continues immediately after a reset or the device cannot be reset using the hardware keys, then contact us.