Unresponsive & slowness troubleshooting: T-Mobile Wing

Learn how to troubleshoot when your phone is slow, freezes, locks up, crashes, or randomly stops working.


The following are common issues to consider:


  • Lack of free internal memory
    • Large files (such as videos, pictures, apps, messages, ringtones) stored to the device can interfere with the way the device manages memory. For optimal performance, your device needs at least 10 MB of free internal memory for both storage and program memory.
    • Consider saving these large files in another location, such as a memory card, computer, or other storage location.
    • Then refer to step 3 below to free up some space.
  • Programs running in the background
    • Programs running in the background while not in use can use the internal memory. Close programs daily with the Task Manager to free up memory.
  • Third-party applications
    • Software that is not certified by Microsoft might not be thoroughly tested and can cause the device to run slowly or encounter errors.
    • T-Mobile does not support third-party applications.

Maintenance and troubleshooting

You need to perform regular maintenance for the device to work optimally. To resolve the issues and/or perform maintenance, follow these steps:


  1. Regular maintenance can optimize device performance:
  2. Check the software version: T-Mobile Wing, and confirm it has the most recent version. See Windows Mobile Upgrade for current software versions and to download any upgrades.
  3. Use Task Manager to view available memory and close programs: T-Mobile Wing. If less than 10 MB, use these tips to free up some internal memory:
  4. Remove any unused or suspicious third-party applications.
  5. If the issue persists, the device might need a master reset. See: Master reset using hardware buttons - T-Mobile Wing.