Transfer files from the device memory to a microSD storage card: T-Mobile Wing

To transfer files from the device memory to a memory card, follow these  steps:


  1. From the Today screen, tap Start.
  2. Tap Programs.
  3. Tap File Explorer.
  4. Tap the folder menu in the upper left to move up in the  folders.


  5. Navigate to the folder that contains the file you want.
    • Note: Most folders are in the My  Documents folder.
  6. Scroll to the file you want to move using the  Navigation key.
    • Note: Do not tap the file. If you tap the file, it  opens instead.
  7. Tap Menu, Edit.
  8. Tap one of the copying options:
    • Cut to move the file
    • Copy to create a duplicate file
  9. Tap the folder menu in the upper  left.


  10. Select Storage Card.
  11. Tap Menu, Edit.
    • Note: Alternately, you may tap and hold an empty area on  the screen until a context menu  appears.


  12. Tap Paste.