Error: 'Your internet connection is not configured properly please verify your settings': T-Mobile Wing

If your device has problems connecting to the T-Mobile Internet, you may need to restore your data connection. To test and set up a GPRS or EDGE data connection, follow these steps:


Note: In order to connect to the Internet, you must have an Internet data plan on your account. To check for a data plan, go to My T-Mobile and log in with your mobile number and password. Then check under Manage > Plans & Services for your T-Mobile Internet feature. If you do not have it, you may add it on that page (It takes up to two hours to activate). Alternately, you may contact us for account information.

Part 1: Verify you have reception

  1. Verify the device has at least one bar of signal strength in the upper right hand corner of the display. If not, move to a different location where the device shows more signal strength.
  2. Open a new Web page to test your connection.
  3. If you get a 'Cannot connect' error, open the Comm Manager and turn on the Phone connection. See: Use the Comm Manager: T-Mobile Wing .
  4. Open a Web page to test your connection. If it fails, move on to the next part to check your GPRS settings.

Part 2: Set up GPRS

  1. From the Today screen, tap Start.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the Connections tab.
  4. Tap the Connections icon.
  5. Under the T-Mobile Data section, tap Manage existing connections.
    Note: If T-Moble Data does not appear, tap Network to display it.
  6. Tap T-Mobile Data.
  7. Tap Edit.
  8. In the Enter a name for the connection field, enter T-Mobile Data.
  9. In the Select a modem field, verify Cellular Line (GPRS) is selected.
  10. Tap Next.
  11. In the Access point name field, type
    Note: If this access point fails, you may attempt to use or, but they may not allow you to access t-zones or send picture messages (MMS).
  12. Tap Next.
  13. Leave the User name, Password, and Domain fields blank.
  14. Tap Finish.
  15. Open a Web page to test your connection.
  16. If you still cannot access the Internet, perform a soft reset.
  17. Open a Web page to test your connection. If it fails, move on to the next part to reset your device.