Share & stream media: Samsung Galaxy Note7

Learn how to read NFC tags, share your phone's display, and exchange media with other NFC and DLNA-compatible devices using the Samsung Galaxy Note7.




Mirror screen on car display

MirrorLink mirrors your phone on your car's display. Your car's system must support MirrorLink to use this feature.


  1. Use the OEM provided USB cable and connect the device to the vehicle.
  2. On the device, from the Home screen, tap Apps.
  3. Tap Settings > Connections > More connection settings.
  4. Tap MirrorLink.
  5. Once the vehicle and device are connected, follow the on screen prompts to setup the applications that will be available to use while connected.


Turn share on / off

Read NFC tag

  1. Turn on NFC on your device.
  2. Place the rear of your phone against the rear of the other device or against the printed tag.
  3. Your device should vibrate or sound a confirmation depending on your settings. If necessary, follow any prompts (for example, if you are receiving a contact, you must select where to save the contact).


Turn on / off NFC

Android Beam reads tags and exchanges content on your phone with other compatible devices or tags.

  1. If necessary, turn on Wi-Fi.

  2. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap NFC and payment.
  5. To turn on, tap NFC.
  6. Turning on NFC enables the following:
    • Android Beam
    • Tap and pay
  7. To turn it off, tap NFC.
  8. Turning off NFC disables the following:
    • Android Beam
    • Tap and pay

Note: To use Tap and pay, you first must install a payment service app.