SIM card: Samsung Galaxy Note7

Learn how to manage SIM messages on the Samsung Galaxy Note7.




Insert/remove SIM

  1. At the top of the phone, insert the SIM tray removal tool into the hole on the SIM card/Memory card tray, and then push until the tray pops out.
  2. Place the SIM card on the tray. Make sure that the gold contacts face down and  the card is placed as shown.
    Samsung Galaxy Note7 SD card.JPG


Delete SIM messages

  1. From any Home screen, tap Messages.
  2. Tap the Menu (3 dots) icon.
  3. Tap Settings > More settings.
  4. Tap Text Messages > Manage SIM card messages.
  5. Tap the Menu (3 dots) icon.
  6. Tap Delete.
  7. Tap each message to be deleted or Select all.
  8. Tap Delete.
  9. Tap OK.