Trackball troubleshooting: T-Mobile Dash 3G

Understanding the Issue

When customers are having software problems, the root cause is usually related to a specific application, user perception of functionality, or a problem with the device’s software.  Use the following questions as a guide to help identify the customer's situation, duration, and frequency of the problem:

  • When did the issue first start happening?
  • How often is the issue occurring?  (once a day, multiple times a day, all the time, etc.)
  • Was there an event (dropped device, downloaded application, using a specific phone feature) that triggered the problem they are calling about?


Related errors:

  • Trackball is not responding
  • Trackball does not move come directions
  • Troubleshooting trackball issues

Resolution Steps

  1. Verify that the screen is not locked. Press the left soft key (for Unlock) and Star (*) key.
  2. Test the trackball again.
  3. Turn off the device.
  4. Remove the battery.
  5. Replace the battery.
  6. Turn on the device.
  7. Test the trackball again.
  8. If the trackball responds at all, uninstall any third-party software.
    • Note: This option is at Start, Settings, More, Remove Programs, Highlight the application, Menu, Remove. Use the Enter key to select a command instead if pressing the trackball.
  9. Check to see if the trackball is stuck or if there is obvious cosmetic damage to the trackball. If there is obvious device damage, please contact the device  manufacture (HTC) for an out of warranty repair: 1-888-356-2375.