In-store warranty exchange

You have the option to return your device to a T-Mobile store instead of mailing it in.



In-store exchange benefits

Learn why you'd want to use an in-store exchange to replace a device under warranty.


Convenience of in-store pick up

  • We understand you're busy. With our in-store exchange program, you select a store that's convenient for you near where you live or work.
  • You simply turn in the device, pick up your replacement device when convenient for you, and T-Mobile ensures device gets returned.
  • When you pick up your device in the store, it can save you time getting your new device set up right the first time.


In-store condition check

  • A retail rep does a full review of the device prior to performing the exchange, to verify that the device meets the manufacture warranty.
  • With T-Mobile's in-store condition check, there are no surprise fees. Once the device is turned into the retail rep you won't receive any Non-Return fee or Out-of-Warranty fees.
  • If the device fails the in-store condition check or they find damage on the phone, the exchange will be cancelled, and the retail rep can discuss other options such as using insurance.



In-store exchange expectations

We want you to feel prepared when you come to a T-Mobile store to complete your warranty exchange.


In-store experience

  • You will receive a text message and/or email once your device is checked into the retail location.
    • Once you receive the text message and or email, please go to the store within 14 days.
    • If you don't, the exchange will be cancelled after the 14th day.
  • Plan to be at the store for around 45 minutes while the retail rep reviews your current device and helps you set up your new device.
  • It's possible the exchange may not be needed to resolve the issue, and we get you're phone working.


What to prepare

  • Bring a photo ID with you.
  • You must bring the device under warranty back to the store.
  • Take time to back up your device prior to bringing it into the store. Once you turn in your device, they will not be able to recover it.
  • To remove personal information from the phone before turning it in, perform a master reset. For help, see Devices, select you device, and find help on resets.
  • When you pick up your device in store, you will need to pay for the service processing fee and/or shipping.
    • Since the device is sent to the retail location, you pay when you pick up the device.
    • If the exchange is cancelled, no payment for the processing fee or shipping will be taken.