In-store warranty exchange

Learn more about what to expect with in-store warranty exchange and how it benefits you.


In-store exchange benefits

There are lots of reasons to use in-store exchange when replacing a device under warranty. Learn more about how this program works for you!


Convenience of in-store pick up

  • We understand you are busy. With our in-store exchange program you select the store that most convenient for you to pick it up near where you live or work.
  • With an in-store exchange you simply turn in the device, pick up your replacement device when and where it is convenient for you, and T-Mobile will ensure device gets returned.
  • When you pick up your device in the store, it saves you time by ensuring that your new device gets set up right the first time.


In-store condition check

  • A retail rep will do a full review of the device prior to performing the exchange to verify that the device meets the manufacture warranty.
  • With T-Mobile's in-store condition check, there are no surprise fees. Once the device is turned into the retail rep you are no longer eligible for any Non Return fee or Out of Warranty fee.
  • If the device does fail the in-store condition check or they find damage on the phone, the exchange will be cancelled and the retail rep can discuss other options such as using insurance.



In-store exchange expectations

We want you to feel prepared when you come to a T-Mobile store to complete your warranty exchange. Learn about the in-store experience here!


In-store experience

  • You will receive a text message and/or email once your device is checked into the retail location. Once you receive the text message and or email, please go to the store within 14 days to pick up your device or the exchange will be cancelled.
  • You should plan on being at the store for around 45 minutes while the retail rep reviews your current device and helps you set up your new device.
  • There may be several scenarios where the exchange may not be needed to resolve the issue.
  • The exchange may be cancelled if you do not pick up the device within 14 days.


What to Bring

  • Bring a photo ID with you to pick up the device.
  • You must bring the device back to the sales office with you.
  • Take time to back up your device prior to bringing it into the store. Once you turn in your device they will be unable to recover the device.
  • When you pick up your device in store you will need to pay for the Service Processing fee and/or for shipping. Since the device is sent to the retail location, you pay when you pick up the device.
    Note: If the exchange is cancelled, no payment for the warranty processing fee or shipping will need to be taken.