ActiveSync security certificate server error: 80072f0d: T-Mobile Shadow

If you get an error that attention is required when trying to synchronize your device with Microsoft ActiveSync, follow these steps:


  1. Select Attention Required.
  2. You may receive an error indicating that you need a valid security certificate

    Note: For security reasons, some Outlook E-mail accounts require a certificate. You need to get this from your IT administrator.

  3. Once you receive the certificate from your IT Administrator plug the device into the computer via the USB cable and establish a connection.

  4. Once connected click Explore on Activesync.

  5. Copy and paste the certificate from your computer onto the device memory.

  6. From the device, select Start, More, File Explorer, Select the Certificate.


    Note: Once the certificate is select they will get a message saying it was installed successfully.
  7. Disconnect the device from the USB, and then re-connect it.
  8. Try to synchronize again, and ActiveSync and no longer shows the error.