Tourist Plan

T-Mobile's Tourist Plan provides 21 days of service while you're visiting the US. It's especially ideal for business travelers who want unlimited text and data, a limited amount of minutes, and don't need any other features.



What's included

The Tourist Plan includes:

  • Unlimited data, with up to 2 GB 4G LTE data on your smartphone.
  • Unlimited domestic and international texting in the US to 140+ countries and destinations.
  • 1,000 minutes of domestic talk within the US.
  • Free SIM card for your unlocked phone.


The following are also included:

  • Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (SMHS): Lets you share your phone's internet connection with up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices.
  • Data Maximizer: Optimizes all detectable video streaming to DVD-quality (typically 480p or better).
  • Domestic data roaming: You get 50 MB for when you travel outside of T-Mobile's network coverage, using wireless data from another carrier.



Who's eligible

If you're planning on traveling to the US for three weeks or less, then you're eligible for the Tourist Plan. This is a short-term plan created for visitors to the US. It's not renewable and expires automatically after 21 days of use.


To get started, just bring your unlocked device to any T-Mobile retail store in the US, and we can activate your Tourist Plan. Find a T-Mobile store near you.



Things you should know

The Tourist Plan lets you experience the US with hassle-free, affordable wireless service. Before signing up, here are some things that you should know:

  • This prepaid plan automatically cancels after 21 days, and it can't be extended.
  • You can't refill it, migrate to another plan, or request a rate plan change.
  • You're not eligible for T-Mobile promotions while on this plan.
  • My T-Mobile isn't available.


The Tourist Plan is not eligible for:

  • Simple Global
  • Data Stash
  • Binge On
  • Music Freedom
  • Mobile Without Borders
  • Device Protection
  • Mexico and Canada features
  • Stateside International Talk
  • On Demand Data Passes
  • CallerTunes
  • Multi-line discount



  • Even though we can't transfer your current phone number to the Tourist Plan, you can keep the phone number assigned to your Tourist Plan if you want. To do so, you must port out (transfer) your number within five days after your Tourist Plan ends.
  • If you'll be visiting the US for more than three weeks, contact T-Mobile customer service to see which plan is right for you.