Device return FAQs

    Find answers to commonly asked questions about device returns.



    Can I return a newly purchased phone?

    Yes. If you purchased a phone or device from a store, you have 14 days after purchase to return it. If you purchased your phone from My T-Mobile, you have 20 days to return it. For more information, check out the Device and Accessory Return Policy.



    Can I return a defective phone still under the warranty?

    If your phone is defective and still under manufacturer warranty, you can return it directly to the manufacturer. T-Mobile can also assist by working with you to submit a claim to the manufacturer for a replacement phone. This is a service that T-Mobile provides as a supplement to the manufacturer warranty that may come with your phone.


    T-Mobile charges a Service Warranty Processing fee when you participate in T-Mobile’s replacement phone program. This service is offered as a supplement to the manufacturer warranty that may come with your phone. The fee is $20, unless you have enrolled in additional warranty coverage provided by the Device Protection program, in which case the Service Warranty Processing fee is $5.


    If you would like T-Mobile to provide you with a replacement phone and to send your defective phone to the manufacturer for you, contact T-Mobile Customer Service to order a replacement or go to your local T-Mobile Retail store. Our Customer Service/Retail specialists will troubleshoot the problem and if it is determined that your phone is defective, we will order a replacement for you. Please call from another phone or bring your defective phone with you into the store so we can troubleshoot the phone with the issue.


    Once you receive the replacement phone, you must return the defective phone to T-Mobile to complete the exchange.


    To receive a replacement phone in advance from T-Mobile, you must agree that we may charge you an out of warranty fee up to $400 if your phone is found to be outside the manufacturer warranty period and/or is physically damaged in a manner not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. You will only be charged the Out of Warranty Fee if, after T-Mobile has received your phone and inspected it, the phone is outside the warranty period or is otherwise defective in a manner not covered by the manufacturer warranty, as described below.


    If you are picking up your replacement device in a Retail store, the representative assisting you will perform a condition check on your defective phone to assess any possible damage.  If deemed damaged or Out of Warranty, T-Mobile will be unable to process the exchange.


    When receiving a new replacement phone, see the available shipping options below:



    Without Device Protection

    With Device Protection

    Prepaid post exchange

    Accessory orders

    Standard shipping

    Free ground shipping

    (7 business days)

    Free next business day shipping

    Free ground shipping

    (7 business days)

    $7.99 plus tax

    (7 business days)

    Express next day delivery

    $19.99 plus tax

    (3 business days )



    $11.99 plus tax

    (3 business days)


    If you purchased devices under our Certified Pre-Owned Device Program you can also participate in T-Mobile’s phone replacement program if your phone is still under T-Mobile’s 90 day limited warranty. You must agree that we may charge you an Out of Warranty fee if your certified pre-owned device is found to be outside the limited 90 day warranty period and/or is physically damaged in a manner not covered by the T-Mobile 90-day limited warranty.



    How can I check the warranty?

    If you purchased a new T-Mobile phone, it is under a manufacturer warranty for a period that varies by device and manufacturer from 90 days up to 12 months from the activation date on the T-Mobile network or the date of receipt, whichever is earlier.


    If you purchased a refurbished T-Mobile phone, it is under T-Mobile's limited warranty from either 90 days of receipt or the remainder of your 12-month service agreement, whichever is longer.


    If it is apparent your device is not under the manufacturer warranty that T-Mobile supports, please contact the manufacturer directly.


    Phone warranties are not transferable from one customer to another. T-Mobile does not support warranties for any devices that were not purchased through T-Mobile or an authorized T-Mobile dealer.



    How can I return my phone?

    Check out Return your upgrade for steps on returning your upgrade. To return an exchange, check out Exchange a device under warranty.


    If any items (a) are returned after the specified return period, (b) have been physically damaged, modified, or damaged by liquids, or (c) are missing any parts, then you will not be eligible for, and you will not receive, any credit on your purchase price. In addition, accessories returned after such specified return period will not be returned to you.