Setting Up Your Replacement Handset

    Setting Up Your Replacement Handset


    Your phone is like a trusty friend. Having to start with a blank device can be like having to learn how to ride a bike again. But have no fear, this guide is here to help!  Following these few quick steps will get your phone back in action as quickly as possible.





    Your contacts


    Losing touch with all the people closest to you is not an option. Thankfully, there are options to backup and restore your contacts with every phone. The two easiest ways to get your contacts back to you are to use your SIM card to transport the contacts over from your old phone, or to use Mobile Backup to automatically sync your contact info!


    To use your SIM card to transfer your contact information, you can refer to your phone's user guide which can be found below, after selecting your device.


    Mobile Backup will allow you to store all of your contacts in one secure place on To find out more, check out the FAQs below.


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    Your pictures and media


    First things first! Be sure to take your SD card out of your phone before you send it back to us! This can sometimes be referred to as your memory card or media card. If you're not sure how to find and safely unmount your SD card, you can select your device and find that information below. On most phones, your pictures will be automatically saved to your SD card! To use your SD card to transfer your pictures and media, you can refer to your phone's user guide which can be found below, after selecting your device.


    Another option to saves your photos and images is the Mobile Life Album! Mobile Life will allow you to store all of your pictures online to make sure you don't lose any pictures when transferring from one device to another! To find out more information and how to get started, check out the information below.


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    Your downloads

    Downloads such as games, wallpaper, and music are what makes your phone truly yours, so we'll show you how to get all of those awesome downloads back to you! Select the link below for easy steps on how to get your info back to you!

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    Additional help


    No matter how great the information above is, sometimes we still need a little extra help to get our phone back to it's former glory.


    Now keep in mind there are quite a few different types of phones out there. If you need some more specific info or just want to be able to ask some questions, visit the Support Community using the links below based on your phone type. If you have additional setup questions for your phone, we can still help!


    Take a look here to find our Support Community. These Forums are filled with other helpful T-Mobile folks asking and answering questions all day long! Give it a read even if you don't have questions, and you'll find some great info, guaranteed!



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