Set up your replacement phone or device

    Learn how to set up your replacement phone or device. No matter how great the information above is, sometimes we still need a little extra help to get our phone or device back to its former glory.


    Now, keep in mind there are quite a few different types of devices out there. If you need some more specific info or just want to be able to ask some questions, visit our Support Community. If you have additional setup questions, we can help!


    Your contacts

    You can backup and restore your contacts with every phone or device. You can use your SIM card to transport the contacts over from your old device. You can find steps for transferring contacts from the SIM in the user guide. See Phones & Devices.


    Your photos and media

    First, be sure to take your SD card out of your device before you send it back to us! This can sometimes be referred to as your memory card or media card. If you're not sure how to find and safely unmount your SD card, you can select your device and find that information below. On most devices, your pictures will be automatically saved to your SD card! To use your SD card to transfer your pictures and media, you can refer to your device's user guide which can be found below, after selecting your device. See Phones & Devices.