Device randomly turns off: Phone-first Handsets

    Understanding the Issue


    Use this document to troubleshoot problems when a handset randomly powers off. If you have a smartphone such as an Android, Windows Mobile, or BlackBerry, go to the platform space for troubleshooting documentation specific to that platform.




    Resolution Steps


    1. Make sure you are not on your phone when troubleshooting.
    2. Check your device for liquid or physical damage. If you see liquid or physical damage, contact us.
    3. Check your device's Tech Specs to understand the expected battery life for your device.
      Note: Using device features that rely on connectivity (T-Mobile data, Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth, etc.) or extended backlight use can cause the battery power  to deplete fast.
    4. Make sure you device is not going in to sleep mode. This may appear to be a power problem.
      • With the screen black, tap the power/lock key and check if Menu, Home, Back key, etc light up.
    5. Make sure the handset has battery strength.
    6. Remove the battery from the device.
    7. Wait 5 seconds and reinsert the battery.
    8. Power on the device. You may need to press and hold the power key for 5-7 seconds.
      • If the display does not immediately turn on, but there is a visual, audio, or vibration cue that indicates the device is powering on, troubleshoot as blank display issue.
    9. If you are using a non-T-Mobile battery, contact the battery manufacturer for troubleshooting.
    10. If possible, try a different battery. If another battery does not have the issue, the original should be replaced.
    11. If the above steps have not resolved your issue, contact us.