Community Spotlight: smplyunprdctble

Say hello to smplyunprdctble!


Russell Quilting

While he may not need an introduction, we're proud to give him one anyway! Our Community Spotlight is the always knowledgeable and sometimes snarky, smplyunprdctble! It was many years ago back in the days of the original myTouch3G that smply started his journey with our Support Community. He was looking for a little help with his new phone, found our humble message board, and as he puts it: "became addictified." The rest is history!


When he's not busy fulfilling his role as one of our Pillars of the Community, smply is taking care of his Corgi and two gray cats, enjoying quality films such as Sharknado, or working as a computer geek for a large media conglomerate. His other interests include the rarely seen combo of quilting and WWE, and of course, assisting Support Community users! Thanks for all you do, smplyunprdctble!