LineLink setup

Learn how to set up your LineLink device.



Preliminary checks

Before you get started, verify the following:

  • You have verified your E911 address and added the T-Mobile LineLink rate plan.
  • You have reliable high-speed internet (cable, DSL). LineLink is not recommended for satellite Internet.
    • Your cable modem and/or router are turned on and functioning.




    1. Insert the provided SIM card into the T-Mobile LineLink with the metal facing up, cut corner inserted first
    2. Locate an open LAN port on the back of your Internet router.
    3. Connect one end of the provided Ethernet cables to the LAN port on the LineLink device and the other end to an open LAN port on the router.
    4. Connect one end of the USB cable to the LineLink USB port and the other to the included wall adapter.
    5. Connect the home phone to the LineLink phone port and wait 2-3 minutes for provisioning.
    6. When the LED lights are solid green and solid blue, it means the LineLink is ready for use:
      • Solid green Power LED indicates device powered on, performed self-test, and completed update.
      • Solid blue Phone LED indicates a successful Internet connection.
      • Solid green Internet LED indicates a successful T-Mobile network connection.
    7. Pick up the home phone and listen for the welcome message: 'Congratulations, your T-Mobile LineLink is now ready to be used'.
    8. Dial 1-2-3 or the LineLink phone number to set up voicemail.
    9. Follow LineLink troubleshooting if the LED lights are not solid green and solid blue or Welcome message is not heard.